Yesterday afternoon we had the privilege of baptising about 20 teenagers and adults, mostly teenagers.  It was memorial day weekend and the beach was crowded despite rain all around us.  It was awesome hearing the group of about 60 or 70 cheering for each person as they declared publicly their commitment to Jesus.  The event wasn’t lost on the many other folks on the beach either, as they stopped what they were doing and watched the event unfolded.  It was awesome!  One of the high lights of the day for me was a man who came to Liberty Sunday morning  (brought by some friends who love him) wearing a bandana on his head.  It turned out that he was very sick and the bandana was covering his hair loss that  was the result of his treatments.  Long and short, he decided he wanted to be baptized in the ocean but his body couldn’t take the shock of being emersed.  The question I was asked was, “can he be baptized at the ocean withould being emersed.”  The answer was yes, Lord yes!  As he sat in a beach chair with the waves crashing on the shore and about 15 teenagers gathered around laying hands on him and praying, two of our elders scooped up water from the waves and poured it over his head as we baptized him in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Mark had declared his  life for Christ.  We got an incredible picture of him as he picked up his cane and walked slowly down the beach with a new found freedom.  You have no idea what yesterday meant to me, but I will tell you this–it took church out of the restaurant and turned it into a back yard bar-b-que! What a time in Jesus!


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