“Even though you have ten thousand teachers in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ I became your father through the Gospel.”  I Corinthians 4:15


We have a lust for knowledge in our world.  We always want to know and we feel an obligation to help everyone else to know what we know.

There are many people who know about Christ but don’t know Him.

What we need is not more spiritual teachers, but rather, more spiritual fathers.  Being a spiritual teacher and being a spiritual father are two different things.  One only takes responsibility for giving information but not for the development of that person as they process and work through that information.  A Father takes responsibility for the process from birth to maturity.  Teachers will come and go but a father is always a father to his sons and daughters.  A teacher has a job.  A father has a relationship.  A teacher doesn’t have to feel anything.  A father feels everything!

This is the investment God is calling us to make; to be fathers to sons and daughters of the Kingdom.

Who’s your Daddy? 

Who are you a spiritual father to?


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