This morning at Liberty I started a 3 or 4 message series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  I am really looking forward spending the teaching time on Sunday mornings.  Following the Sunday messages we will start a teaching series during the week that will be more a exhaustive treatment of the Holy Spirit.  The series  during the week will last about 12-14 weeks.  We are in a time where we must uderstand and submit to the Lordship of Jesus and the Power and Work of the Holy Spirit in our lives personally and in our churches corporately if we are going to effective in our Father’s hands.  Persons in right relationships empowered by the Holy Spirit are a thing of beauty–its His work, we’re just His instruments.  Look around–it isn’t going to happen by might or by our power but it will done by His Spirit.  We will stand by kneeling, go out by pressing into Him, live by dying  to self, speak by listening, love because we were first loved by Him, all this and more because the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us!


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