We began a weekend of prayer at Liberty on Friday evening and had prayer 24 hours through Sunday morning until the morning service started at 10:30.  It is absolutely awesome the difference in the atmosphere of the morning service when prayer has fervently been sewn into the house.  What a sweet spirit!  I remember saying to the congregation that it is really dumb to have to have a “prayer” weekend.  Now don’t go get  excited on me!  Having a prayer weekend to draw folks together to seek God and hear His voice is a good–incredibly wonderful and productive thing, but what about praying without ceasing.  What about developing our prayer lives so that each day, moment by moment we are talking to our Daddy. I  believe that the fundamental truth is that Oswald Chambers is right when he says that “prayer doesn’t prepare us for the greater work–prayer is the greater work.”  What we experienced this morning in a corporate setting we can experience day by day and moment by moment if we will be a people of prayer.


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