These are amazing times to be serving our Lord Jesus!  The Word teaches us that signs and wonders will follow those who believe (believe Jesus and His Word)!  Certainly we are seeing the supernatural expressed in awesome ways these days, but it concerns me that many folks seem to be clamoring for the signs more than they are for the Man and His Word!  Our spiritual climate often has no balance in it, and the result of the lack of balance can be pretty painful.  Revival is greatly needed throughout the Body of Christ, but revival is far more than signs and wonder.  True revival is about transformed lives, families, communities that results in servanthood, evangelism, discipleship, christlike behavior, character, integrity, holiness in thought, word, and deed.  If we focus too much on the signs and wonders, we open ourselves to deception–don’t forget that the enemy of our souls can produce the supernatural.  This is not an effort to slam any of the current spiritual movements or happenings in our country or around the world–just a plea to look deeper than the signs and wonders.  Some years ago, after I had received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, I was invited back to the church I had grown up in at Carolina Beach, N.C. One of the ladies that had helped raise me during my teenage years came to me after I had preached (preached with some enthusiasm I might add) and said to me, “I don’t care how high you jump as long as you walk straight when you come down.”  Signs and wonders follow those who believe, but our Father is also looking for lasting fruit.  We can and must have both…..just saying….His Name Is Jesus and He is Altogether Worthy and He does All Things Well!


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