This morning as I was walking and trying to cooperate with BJ’s desire for me to get my body in better shape I found myself praying for a couple of old friends.   The Lord prompted me to call and offer a blessing to them and encourage them in their day.  In  recent months I haven’t had much contact with these guys  so I know the prompting came from my Father.  It was a good thing for them and for me.  Talking with our Father produces some good stuff –isn’t it  really awesome that the God of the whole universe is our Dad!  James 5:13 says , “Is anyone of you in trouble? He should pray (talk to his Daddy).”  Have you done that today–He’s waiting to hear from you!


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  1. Dave Rust July 5, 2009 at 3:29 pm


    You always seem to speak about what I need to hear. Please keep Aung Marg in your prayers. She is in her last option to treat hear cancer. Yesterday she went into the hospital because of problems she was having with the new treatment. Things are not looking good. We really need the power of God to heal her. Please continue to pray for her.

    Love ya,

    Dave Rust

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