This has been an amazing year and a half.  Betty Jo and I have been blessed to serve on the road with Maranatha Ministries and on the outer banks of NC with an awesome church–Liberty Christian Fellowship.  This has been a wonderful, blessed and challenging time and we look forward to many more years in both places serving Jesus with great Joy!  The change we are making is that we have sold our house in Sneads Ferry and we are making several changes in our living accomodations.  We have rented a house in Wilmington (almost directly across from John’s church on Carolina Beach road) and we have rented a home in the outer banks (Southern Shores–about five miles from Liberty Church) and we will be able to care for our moms and at the same time serve Liberty with Joy!  This also will prevent Jo from having to travel the 50 miles back and forth from Sneads Ferry to care for her mom.  Liberty covers our expenses in the outer banks so we don’t have the cost of two homes–we are so blessed.  I am still continuing my work on the road with Maranatha  and I am sure I will continue that until Jesus calls me home.  The Lord continues to provide for us financial and the Maranatha supporters have been and continue to be incredibly faithful.  We thank Jesus for them every day.  Pray for us during this transition–we believe that these are going to be the most productive years of  our service to our Lord.  I will try to post more faithfully in the days ahead–my kids will be surprised!  His Name Is Jesus!


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  1. John Hobbs March 20, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    And we are selfishly glad!

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