There is a quote from Oswald Chambers that reminds me everyday of how little I can do for me and how much He has done for me–and is stll doing in me. “Christian doctrines are the explanation of how Jesus Christ makes us saints, but all the doctrine under heaven will never make a saint. The only thing that will make a saint is the Holy Ghost working in us what Jesus Christ did in the Atonement. Jesus Christ demands absolute devotion to Himself personally, then the application of His principles to our lives.” We are never selfmade people! We cooperate with the process, but it is His finished work at Calvary that makes us! It is God in us working out His (our) salvation according to His good pleasure. I take great comfort in knowing I am His handiwork–His workmanship. My potential is not found in me, but it is found in Him. This makes each day an amazing adventure. Enjoy your day. He has made it for you and you for it–have an amazing adventure! Ain’t it good to know that our Father has higher expectations of and for us than we have for ourselves and He is able to get us there!


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