Each day is a day where I am reminded of  how Great our God is and how Full His Love is for us–there is no emptiness in His Love!  Some years ago (about 35) I discovered how important it is to live with an Attitude of Gratitude in my heart for the Nature of my God!  That kind of lifestyle changed my life forever–Praise Him, just Praise Him!  I had surgery on Monday to remove a rather nasty skin cancer from my face–the surgeon promised to make me look like Joan Rivers–now that’s a thought!  I’m good but now I look like a beat up,one eyed pirate.  I am so grateful that even though this thing I live in constantly needs some repair, my inner man–my Spirit man is being renewed every day and I am becoming more like Jesus!  He is a Mighty God!  Thanksgiving will bring all of our children and grandchildren, along with my mom (90) and Jo’s mom (89) together for a meal and a day of sharing thanks to Jesus!  Folks, our Daddy deserves all of the Praise and all the Glory–Praise His Holy Name!


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