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Maranatha Ministries Unlimited’s support comes from three areas. First and foremost, MMU operates under much prayer from you and friends of the ministry. Second, we are supported by various ministers who travel, participate, and share in our ministry events. Third, we are supported financially. Our financial support comes from three sources. First, honorariums from the places that we travel to and second, by people who feel led to make sporadic gifts to the ministry. The third financial support comes from our Gideons.

Gideons are people who feel the leading of the Lord to give financially on a regular basis. This allows us to plan, grow, and minister more effectively in many areas. If you feel led of the Lord to help us in this way or would like more information, please let us know. You can call, email, or write us at any time. We are so blessed and grateful of all the support of everyone who has prayed for, ministered with, and contributed to our ministry!

How can you get involved?

You can partner with us as a Gideon simply by emailing, writing, or giving us a call and letting us know. We will send you a packet of information to help you get started! It is this financial support and your prayers that allow us to continue in our ministry vision.